My name is Brent Estabrook, I reside in Los Angeles, and that I gave up my 9-5 project to do exactly what I love: ART!All of my artwork inspiration comes out of my pursuit of delight and happiness. I’ve discovered that a lifetime doing what you love will eternally propel you favorably forward. I frequently get asked why I paint filled creatures and there are numerous reasons, among the most crucial is to bring individuals back into the condition of youth once the pursuit of dreams and passions were invited. At a certain stage in our lives, society attempts to convince us to find a”great” job, save for retirement, then at 60 it is possible to go have fun… Screw that! . . I will do exactly what I love today! And I’d encourage other people to do the same.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I don’t have any clue just how long each painting requires. Hours feel like moments and I seldom know what day it’s, I see this as a fantastic thing. If I needed to provide some hard numbers, I’d say 200-300 hrs for the more complicated paintings.

An, there are numerous reasons I like painting filled creatures and, for what I hope isn’t too egotistical of a motive, I understand I could associate with people of all ages and help motivate them to pursue their passions. I realize that complete dedication to your fantasies and passions aren’t always possible however I’d urge everybody to take some time from the day, consider what makes them happy, then start taking steps, however big or small, towards a more joyful lifestyle!


My Twelve Homies

The brand new painting in advance… it’s an ode to my favorite artistic instrument… colour! This painting reflects every primary, secondary and tertiary colour on the colorwheel.


Among my personal favorites! Additionally my favorite color blend.

Fantasy Team

The bit which actually started my own life of painting all day, every day.


Contemplate a.k.a !

I’ve always been fascinated with the pointillism master, George Seurat therefore that I wanted to perform pointillism… but into the furry intense!

If You Can Dream It


“Uniquely Special” from the studio

Warm & Fuzzy


My happy location! Within my studio at DTLA


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